Connect an Instagram Business account

An Instagram Business account that is connected to a Facebook page gives you access to more features in Spotlight as well as Instagram itself. Learn more.

To see a full list of Spotlight features available only for Business accounts, please click here.

Connecting your Instagram Business account with Spotlight requires a few simple steps.

Click on any connect button in Spotlight.
When provided with the option, click on the "Connect your Business account" button.
A popup from Facebook appears that asks you to continue with your Facebook profile. Click on the "Continue as *Your Name*" button.
Select the Instagram Business account to connect with Spotlight.
Select the related Facebook page for that Instagram Business account.
Keep all permissions as they are (these are required for Spotlight to work) and click "Done".
Once the link is confirmed, click "OK".

That's it. You will immediately see a preview of your posts and taken to step 2, "Design".

Note: If you have already connected an account previously and wish to connect more accounts, you can do so using the connect buttons found either in the "Add New/Edit Feed" page or the one in the Spotlight "Accounts" page. When creating another feed, the "Connect" button to add more accounts is available in the sidebar as seen below:

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