How to switch to an Instagram Business account

Any Instagram Personal account can be converted to a Business account for free at any time. This will open up a number of new features for you both in Spotlight and Instagram. Click here to learn more.

1. Set up a Facebook page

Although this may sound unrelated, since Instagram is owned by Facebook, it does require you to have a Facebook page to connect to your Instagram Business account. If you don't yet have a Facebook Page set up, click here to learn how to create one.

2. Connecting your Instagram account to your Facebook page

Once your Facebook page is ready, log in to Facebook, and open your Facebook page.
Open the Settings page (in the header for the old Facebook, or in the sidebar for the new Facebook).
Visit the "Instagram" page in the settings.
Click on the "Connect account" button.
Log in to the Instagram Business profile that you will connect with Spotlight.
Next, follow the steps provided to set up your business profile.
Once the process is completed, you will see a confirmation message.
You're now all set to connect your Instagram Business account with Spotlight.
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