The feed is missing some posts

In some rare cases, we've seen Instagram feeds that are missing some Instagram posts. There could be a couple of reasons for this to happen.

Feed import interrupted

One of the causes could be a failed import of the Instagram posts during their initial fetch, which can be fixed with a reset.

Please try the following to reset your feed and re-import the Instagram posts to your website:

  1. Clear the plugin cache from Instagram feeds > Settings > Tools and wait until you see a notification that it has been completed.
  2. Go to the Instagram feeds > Feeds page and click on your feed to edit it. A notification will show up on the top right when the new import is completed.
  3. Do not navigate away from the page until the posts are all visible in the feed preview area and the import is complete.

If all the posts have shown up, the problem has been fixed.

However, if the issue persists even after doing this, either with the same posts or different ones being missing, please contact us directly and we'll take a closer look.

Copyright infringement claims

In some cases, Instagram posts, be they images, videos, or reels that include media (photos, videos, audio) might be reported for copyright infringement by a third party through Instagram itself. 

In such cases, Instagram will provide the posts through its API (and hence, through Spotlight) but it may exclude image and video URLs until the copyright infringement claim is dealt with. 

This may cause Spotlight to show missing (grey or white) posts and video posts that don't have playable videos available.

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