How to remove an Instagram account

There may be times when you want to remove one of the Instagram accounts you connected to Spotlight. To do so, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Instagram Feeds > Settings > Accounts.
  2. For the account that you want to remove, click on the 3 dots under Actions on the right of the table.
  3. From the dropdown, click on Delete.
  4. When asked whether you're sure, click Yes, I'm sure.

    Removing an Instagram account from Spotlight will affect any and all Spotlight feeds that are using this account in some way. No posts from this account, or imported through the connection of this account (such as hashtag and tagged feeds), will be visible to your website visitors. The feed display will be missing all related posts.

Note: Removing an account from Spotlight does not revoke the access provided to Spotlight from within Instagram or Facebook. That can only be done through your respective Instagram or Facebook account. When reconnecting an account that was already connected to Spotlight, the authorization process will be skipped if the original access has not been revoked.

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