How do I display multiple Instagram feeds on my website?

Spotlight enables you to display multiple Instagram feeds across your website, even on the same page.

All you have to do is to create the Instagram feeds from Instagram Feeds > Feeds, and then embed them anywhere on your website using the block, shortcode, widget, or even our powerful Elementor Instagram widget.

Types of Instagram Feeds

Spotlight's premium versions support four main feed types. These are:

  1. User profile feeds where you display Instagram posts from your own Instagram accounts (or those you have an access token for).
  2. Tagged post feeds where you display public Instagram posts that your Instagram accounts are tagged in.
  3. Hashtag feeds where you display public posts that use a specific hashtag in their captions (ideal for hashtag campaigns).
  4. The last is a combined feed where you can combine two or more of the above feed types into a single Instagram feed.

You can display multiple Instagram feeds of any type on any single page or post on your website.

How to Display Multiple Instagram Feeds

It's just like displaying a single Instagram feed - simply embed the Instagram feeds of your choice using one of the embed options mentioned above anywhere on your website and they will automatically work and update themselves with new content over time.

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