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If you're building your website with Elementor, Spotlight has its own widget that allows you to embed, edit, and create Instagram feeds directly within Elementor's editing experience. 

The preview will also display your feed to make sure you get the design looking right without any back and forth to preview the page.

Create a feed directly in Elementor

When you install Spotlight on a website that uses Elementor, you can go straight to the page you want to embed the feed on and start there.

Once you've decided on the widget area to add the Instagram feed into, search for the Spotlight Instagram Feed widget and drag it onto your page. It's important to use the widget with the Instagram icon, as shown below (the other one is the WordPress widget).

The Elementor sidebar will now show you a Design Your Feed button. Click on it to get started.

The Spotlight Instagram Feed editor will pop up on your screen, as shown below. From here you can connect your Instagram account/s and design your feed to perfectly fit into the page.

Any Instagram Feed created within Elementor will also be saved in the Feeds list under Instagram Feeds in your admin dashboard, so you can go back to create, manage, or edit feeds and connected accounts directly from there. All changes will automatically be applied to every instance of the feed or account.

Once you're happy with the feed, click on Save and embed on the top right. The feed will instantly be added to the Elementor preview area to show you exactly what it will look like to your site visitors!

Create a feed using Spotlight, then embed it in Elementor

Alternatively, you can create a new feed from within Spotlight itself and embed it later. To do this, go to Instagram Feeds in your admin dashboard and follow the instructions there. Once you're happy with the feed, go to the Embed step and you'll be presented with an Elementor widget option.

When you open the Elementor editor for the page you want to embed the feed on and select the Spotlight Instagram Feeds widget, the sidebar will look a bit different. You'll now see a feed dropdown selection to pick an existing feed. The option to design a new feed is still available too.

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