Connecting multiple Instagram accounts

Once you have connected your first Instagram account to Spotlight, you may then want to connect a second (or more) account. These can be displayed together or individually per feed.

Instagram accounts need to be connected one at a time to ensure a secure connection through Instagram/Facebook for every account, as instructed below.

Personal Accounts

To connect multiple Instagram Personal accounts, once you've connected the first one...

  • Open in your browser and log out of the current account.
  • Log into the second Instagram account, still in your browser.
  • Go back to Spotlight on your website.
  • Click on the Connect button again and select Personal.
  • Proceed as usual.

The same will apply for the third, fourth, and so on. There is no limit on the number of accounts you can connect in Spotlight.

Business Accounts

Since Instagram Business accounts require connection to a Facebook page when connecting an account through the button in Spotlight (once the Facebook popup opens) select all the Facebook pages and Instagram accounts that you plan to connect.

After connecting your first Instagram Business account and Facebook page, click on the "Connect your Business account" button again to get this popup.
Click on the "Edit settings" button to connect to another Business account. Select the next Instagram Business account to connect, but keep the original one checked too, as seen below.
Select all the Facebook pages associated with the previously selected Instagram accounts, once again keeping them all checked, as seen below.
Keep  ALL permissions checked in the final step, and hit "Done". You'll now have multiple Instagram Business accounts connected to Spotlight.

This is required to inform Facebook and Instagram that Spotlight has the required permissions for all Facebook pages and Instagram accounts in order to display their Instagram posts.

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