How to link Instagram feeds to Pages

The Instagram feed embedded with Spotlight can have selected or all posts link directly to pages on your WordPress site.

IMPORTANT: In order to link Instagram posts to pages, Spotlight requires a valid Spotlight PRO license.

To do this, open the feed in Spotlight and head to the Promote tab.

Click on a post in the preview area.
For the Link to option, select Page from the dropdown.
Use Search for a Page to either select one of the 5 most recently published pages or type to search by page title.
Choose whether to have the page link  Open in a new tab or not.
Set the Popup box link text or use the default setting. This changes the View on Instagram link that appears at the bottom of the popup lightbox sidebar. Since you can leave some posts unlinked and have them open in a popup lightbox anyway, this ensures that promoted pages still get a good chance to convert.

Note: When an Instagram post has a link assigned to it, a link icon will appear in the top right hand corner of the post in the preview area, but only while on the "Promote" step. This icon won’t show up in the live feed displayed on your site.

That's it. Once embedded on your website, all Instagram photos with page links assigned to them will link directly to those pages.

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