Automate promotions

Manually setting up promotions for Instagram posts can be tedious work. That's where automation comes in. It's a great way to instantly set up shoppable feeds and have them automatically refresh themselves over time as you publish new photos to Instagram.

Let's see how it works.

Hashtag automation

Automatically link Instagram posts to blog posts, pages, products, and more based on the hashtags used in a post's caption.

Go to Instagram Feeds > Promotions > Automate to get started and click on the button to create your first automation.

Enter the hashtags to be used for this automation. The relationship between the hashtags in a single automation is ANY, meaning that by entering #maxi and #maxidress, this promotion will apply to all posts that contain one or both of those hashtags.

When adding multiple automations, you can re-order them by dragging from the 3 lines on the left-hand side. The order determines the priority, so if two automations apply to a single post because it contains hashtags from both automations, the one further up in the list takes priority.

Once you're happy, save the automation. It will now be applied to all feeds and posts from all connected Instagram accounts. You can explicitly set a feed not to include any automated hashtag promotions. To do so, when setting up or editing a feed, under Promote you will see the option to disable Automated Promotions in the feed editor sidebar.

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