Caption filtering

Caption filtering is a Spotlight PRO feature that gives you the option to include posts in or exclude posts from your website's Instagram feed based on the posts' captions containing specific words or phrases.

For example, hiding posts that contain offensive language when creating hashtag feeds that contain random people's posts. It even works the other way around where you choose to only show posts that contain specific words or phrases.

Here's how to use caption filtering:

When creating or editing a feed, go to the Filter step.
In the sidebar, you will see a section titled Caption filtering.
Enter a word or phrase that you want to filter by in the respective option (show or hide) and press enter.
The live preview will then be automatically updated with posts that meet these criteria.

That's it. You can now go on to moderate your feed or embed it right away.

Note: Each filtering method also has an option beneath it called Include global filters. When checked, the Global Filters from Spotlight are also applied to the feed being edited, and vice-versa. You can also Edit global filters directly within the feed editor.

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