Get to know Spotlight's live preview

When creating or editing a feed, the posts from the selected sources will instantly appear in Spotlight's live preview.

As you add or change the sources of posts and design your feed, you have the convenience of seeing every change instantly reflected in the live preview.

The preview area

The number of posts being displayed and the number of posts available for the selected sources can be seen in the top right.
The feed grid itself displays posts from the sources you select in the "Connect" step.
The entire preview is interactive, so you can hover and click on the posts to see exactly what your visitors will experience.

Note: Although this preview is a direct representation of what you will see when you embed the feed on your website, certain theme styles cannot be recreated in Spotlight's live preview. Styling elements such as fonts and font-sizes (if left as default) may differ when embedded on a page, post, or widget, depending on your theme's setup.

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