Responsiveness (Preview different devices)

The Spotlight preview can be changed between desktop, tablet, and phone view. This enables you to design your feed differently for each device, ensuring that it is fully responsive and looks great everywhere.

When on the Design step, you can switch the preview device in one of two ways:

From the Preview device toggle on the top of the sidebar.
From the responsiveness button next to different design options.

With option 2, as you design your feed you can switch devices and set specific options to apply to only certain devices.

For example, you choose to show the header area on desktop devices but hide it on tablets and phones. You can even get more fine-tuned than that and change the padding between posts on different devices.

Keep the default options or fine-tune your feeds to look just the way you want.


At 935px of screen/browser width, the feed changes into tablet mode.

At 768px of screen/browser width, the feed changes into phone mode.

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