Design your first feed

Once you've connected your first Instagram account to Spotlight, it's time to design your feed.

Spotlight sets up a few default options for you so you can embed the feed right away. This can be seen in the live preview as soon as your account is connected. However, if you wish to customize it further, you can use the Design options in the sidebar on the right.

The free version of Spotlight includes a Grid layout, but Spotlight PRO also adds the stylish Highlight, Masonry, and Slider layout options.

You can then customize everything from the number of posts shown to the colour of the "Follow" button. Here's a full list of the design options available in Spotlight.

You can also preview the feed on different devices (desktop, tablet and phone) using the Preview device option at the top of the Design sidebar. Many design options can also be customized per device through their responsiveness options.

Oh, and if those "PRO" options are bothering you, just hide them from the Show PRO features checkbox at the top of the right sidebar.

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