"Thumbnail not available" error

This error message sometimes shows up in place of a post's image in your feed. It may be caused by an account's expired access token or an intermittent error. 

Clear the Cache and Reconnect Your Instagram Account

If you're experiencing this problem right now, please try the following to reset your feed and re-import the Instagram posts to your website:

  1. Clear the plugin cache from Instagram feeds > Settings > Tools and wait until you see a notification that it has been completed.
  2. Go to the Instagram feeds > Feeds page and click on your feed to edit it. A notification will show up on the top right when the new import is completed.
  3. Do not navigate away from the page until the posts are all visible in the feed preview area and the import is complete.

If the posts are now showing up correctly in the pop-up lightbox, the problem has been fixed.

However, if the issue persists even after doing this, please try to reconnect your Instagram account in Spotlight and go through the above steps once more.

Review Your Website Server’s Storage

If the problem persists after clearing the cache and reconnecting your Instagram account, it's advisable to review your website server’s storage. This issue may arise if your disk space is running out, which could prevent Spotlight from downloading thumbnails and instead display images from Instagram's CDNs (the links to which expire after a while).

To fix this problem, consider manually deleting all files within the thumbnails folder, or seek assistance from your hosting provider to carry out the task.

The relevant folder is typically located at:


⚠️ Ensure you delete only the image files within the folder, leaving the folder itself intact.

Set a Limit

If your accounts have a lot of posts, we would also recommend that you set a limit for how many Instagram posts you import. This can be set in the Settings > Configuration tab, in the Import section.

For visual guidance, please see the screenshot below :

Should that also fail to fix the problem, please contact us directly and we'll take a closer look.

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