The feed is not showing up on my website

On some rare occasions, once you've embedded the Instagram feed from Spotlight on your website, either using the block, shortcode, or widget, the feed still won't show up on the front-end.

In most of the cases that we've seen this happen, the causes have been one of the following.

Caching plugin compatibility

Although Spotlight directly integrates with many caching plugins to prevent such issues from happening, there are a few smaller caching plugins or specific settings that can still cause it to happen. Please review our caching compatibility help articles to find the resolution that works for you.

Cloudflare cache

If you're using Cloudflare's caching and have recently updated Spotlight (manually or automatically), please try to clear the Cloudflare cache and check whether the issue resolves itself or not.

In some other cases, the feed does show up on the website but the posts are missing. For example, just the feed header would be shown.

In such cases, please refer to the potential causes and solutions documented here.

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