Dev tools

Spotlight includes a set of advanced utilities that our support staff and developers use internally for diagnosing problems and testing. When enabled, they can be accessed from the Instagram feeds > Dev Tools page.

A word of caution

These tools should only be used if you know what you're doing, or if instructed by Spotlight support staff.

These tools do not have safeguards and confirmation messages, which makes it very easy to accidentally lose all of your Spotlight data. We highly recommend that you export your feeds first. If anything goes wrong, you will at least have a backup.

To access these tools, you must must have an admin user on the site and be logged in. Once logged in, simply ping the site's admin area with the sli_developer=1 parameter.

For example

To disable the dev tools, repeat the process with the parameter set to zero.

For example

This will grant your user permission to view the developer tools. If other users on your site wish to have access to these tools, they will need to follow the same procedure. If you use a role or permissions plugin, you can grant the sli_developer capability to yourself or another user to give access to the dev tools.

Complete Reset

You can completely remove all Spotlight data from the Main tab.

If you leave the boxes ticked, your accounts and feeds will not be removed. This will delete the imported Instagram posts, clear the cache and delete all generated thumbnails. You won't lose anything important. All of this data can be re-created by Spotlight when it updates your feeds.

If you untick any of the boxes, your accounts and feeds will also be deleted depending on what boxes you ticked. Make sure to double-check the boxes before clicking the button!

The plugin's settings will also be reset to their default options.

Browsing imported posts

The Posts tab lists all of the Instagram posts that Spotlight has imported. This page currently only shows some basic information about each post.

The "Delete all" button is a faster equivalent to clearing the cache from the Instagram feeds > Settings > Tools page. If clearing the cache normally results in errors, you can try clearing the cache using the "Delete all" button.

Browsing generated thumbnails

Note: This dev tool was added in version 0.9.3

The Thumbnails tab lists all of the thumbnails that Spotlight has generated for the imported posts. The thumbnails can be clicked to open the full image in your browser, allowing you to inspect it at its full size and quality.

You can also choose to delete all of the generated thumbnails.

If you do, the images in your feeds will need to be loaded directly from Instagram's CDN, which makes the images take longer to load. Additionally, your feeds will be using the full-size photos even if your layout only shows small images. For example, your feed may be showing 200 by 200 pixel images in a Grid layout, but the image from Instagram's CDN may be 1000 by 1000 pixels large.

You can re-generate the thumbnails by updating your feeds' posts.


The services tab shows a dump of the plugin's DI container.

This mainly just serves as a way to initialize every aspect of the plugin to ensure that everything is working properly during development. There's probably nothing of value for you here.

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