Import options

Check for new posts

Set how often Spotlight should check for new posts. This affects all feeds and all Instagram accounts.

The interval options provided are dependent on the cron intervals provided by your site.

Max number of posts to get for each account

Some Instagram accounts can have hundreds or thousands of posts when connected to Spotlight. In order to prevent the plugin from having to process all those posts with every import or update, set a maximum number of posts that you want to display on your website. The limit is applied chronologically, always showing the latest X number of posts from your source.


Delete unseen posts after

Spotlight imports all Instagram posts that can be displayed in your feed, even those hidden behind a "Load more" button. The posts furthest down the list may therefore rarely be seen.

To improve your site’s performance, you can choose to delete these unseen posts after a set period of time. Once a site visitor requests those posts, they will be re-imported.

Run optimization

Set how often to run this optimization depending on your website's needs.

Performance tweaks

Pre-load the first page of posts

With this option enabled, Spotlight will pre-load the first set of posts into the page. This makes the feed load faster but can make the page slightly slower.

By default, this option is disabled. The feed will show grey loading boxes while the posts are being loaded in the background. This makes the feed slower but won't impact the rest of the page.

We recommend turning this option on when your feed is immediately visible when the page loads. If your feed is further down the page, it will probably have enough time to load before your visitors can see it, so you can leave this turned off for faster page loading.

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