Connecting an Instagram account using an Access Token

Aside from connecting Instagram accounts to Spotlight by being logged in to Instagram itself, Spotlight also allows you to connect accounts using an Access Token. This can be done safely and without ever sharing any login credentials for Instagram or otherwise.

It's a great way of connecting a client's Instagram account without asking them for any personal login details.

Access Tokens (and User IDs for Instagram Business accounts) can be obtained using Spotlight's own Access Token Generator. Send your client the link to this generator and ask them to provide you with the access token (and User ID, if needed) to use in Spotlight. You can ask them to send them to you securely using a tool such as PrivNote.

Note: Spotlight does not store any of the details provided by the Access Token Generator in any way whatsoever. It is only a tool to generate access tokens and authorize Spotlight’s connection through the plugin on your website. The connection made using this tool is completely secure and using Facebook and Instagram’s own platforms, not any of our own. Only share the Access Token and User ID generated with people who need them. These tokens are unique to, and will only work with, the Spotlight Instagram Feeds plugin, not any other plugins or software.

How to connect an Instagram account using an Access Token

Click on any of the "Connect..." buttons within Spotlight.
Click on the "Connect using an access token" option at the bottom of the popup window.

Enter the Access Token provided to you (and generated using our Access Token Generator).
When connecting an Instagram Business account, the generator also provides a User ID which must be added as seen below.
That's it, you're all set. The Instagram account is now connected and can use all of Spotlight's features, just like if you would have connected the account by logging into Instagram.
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