Spotlight pages only show a flashing logo

If the Spotlight logo appears to be stuck (repeatedly flashing) when loading the Feeds page, Add New Feed page or Settings page, there may be a plugin conflict on your website.

When this issue has been encountered in the past, the solution that has been found was to deactivate all plugins, check whether the pages load fine when Spotlight is activated alone, and then re-activate the plugins one at a time until the issue. The reason this may work is that another plugin may have errors that affect Spotlight's pages in some way.

Ideally, we recommend testing this solution on a staging copy of your website, not on a live site. Deactivating plugins may have an adverse effect on your website so we recommend to always keep a very recent backup of everything on your site before attempting any such testing.

If you do find a conflicting plugin, please contact support to let us know which one it is and we can investigate it further.

If the issue persists and no plugin conflict is found, please contact support so we can help you figure out the real cause.

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