Global filters

Global filters are a Spotlight Pro feature that gives you the option to include posts in or exclude posts, from your website's Instagram feed based on the posts' caption containing specific words or phrases, or the caption containing specific hashtags.

These filters can be added, edited, and removed from one of two places.

Firstly, they can be found in Instagram Feeds > Settings > Global filters, as seen below.

Secondly, they can also be edited on the fly as you create or edit a feed, as seen in the Caption Filtering example below (notice the Edit global filters option on the right).

Here's how to use global filtering:

Go to Instagram Feeds > Settings > Global filtering.
Enter the filters you wish to apply in each section, if any, and press enter after each one to register it.
When you're happy with your filters, press Save on the top right.
Every feed you now have in Spotlight will have these filters applied unless you specifically unchecked the Include global filters option that you can see in the screenshot above.

That's it. You can now go on to moderate your feed or embed it right away.

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