In the Feed section of the feed editor's Design step, you will find a few options that will determine how your selected layout looks.

Number of posts to be displayed when the feed it loaded.
Number of columns to be used in the selected layout (if applicable).
Post order, which can be "most recent first", "oldest first", "most popular first", "least popular first", or "random". It's important to note that Instagram Personal accounts cannot use the popularity options. This is a limitation of Instagram's API which Spotlight must abide by. You may get around this by switching your Instagram Personal account to an Instagram Business account.
[PRO] Types of posts determines whether you display photos only, videos only, reels only, a combination of videos and reels, or a combination of all the posts from your Instagram account.
Open posts in a popup box (also known as a lightbox) by default, or have each post open in a "new tab" or in the "same tab" to take the visitor directly to that post on your Instagram profile. There is also a "do not open" option that will not open the post when it is clicked.
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