The Feeds list

Spotlight organizes all your Instagram feeds in one convenient place, the Feeds list.

The list can be found at Instagram Feeds > Feeds in your site's dashboard.

On this page, you can see an overview of all your feeds, including:

  • The feed Name.
  • The feed ID that is used in the shortcode.
  • The layout type being used for that feed (Grid, Masonry, Highlight, Slider. etc).
  • The (personal or business) accounts, hashtags, and tagged accounts being shown in the feed under Show posts from. Note that business accounts are distinguished from personal accounts by the icon which is wearing a tie, like with "spotlight_wp" above.
  • The Instances of each feed. This lists the areas of your website they are being displayed on.
  • Actions, including a shortcut to copy shortcode of a feed and the options to clear that feed's cache, update its posts, and even permanently delete the feed.
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