Spotlight Settings

Spotlight currently includes two ways of displaying your feeds.


The accounts settings page shows you a list of all connected accounts along with details including:

  • Type of account, Personal or Business
  • Feeds where the account is being used

Each account can be reconnected or deleted at any time from this page, and you can also view account details from the "Account info" button.


Import options

Set how often Spotlight should check for new posts from Instagram.


Spotlight imports all Instagram posts that can be displayed in your feed, even those hidden behind a "Load more" button. The posts furthest down the list may therefore rarely be seen. 

To improve your site’s performance, you can choose to delete these unseen posts after a set period of time. Once a site visitor requests those posts, they will be re-imported automatically and instantly.

You can set after how long to delete unseen posts and how often to run this optimization process.



Clear the plugin's cache. This option is only to be used if you are experiencing issues with the Spotlight plugin. Ideally, only use this option if you know what you're doing or if you've been instructed to do so by the Spotlight support team.

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