Managing your accounts and feeds


Take control over your Instagram feeds from the Feeds list. 

You can monitor each feed to see which layout is being used, which accounts are being displayed, and where each feed has been embedded.

From the Actions column, you have a few options, including:

  • Edit feed - open the feed editor to modify it in any way.
  • Duplicate feed - create an exact duplicate of an existing feed which you can edit later.
  • Copy shortcode - copy the shortcode of that feed to your clipboard.
  • Export feed - export a feed's settings to import them into another site.
  • Update posts - run an import of new posts for that specific feed.
  • Clear cache - clear the cache of only that particular feed, mostly for troubleshooting.
  • Delete feed - permanently delete the feed. This action cannot be reversed.

Settings > Accounts

The Accounts settings page shows you a list of all connected accounts along with the following details:

  • Type of account, Personal or Business.
  • Feeds where the account is being used.

The Actions column gives you a few options per Instagram account:

  • Info - open a popup that shows information about that Instagram account, including the profile photo, bio, and access token.
  • Reconnect - reconnect your Instagram account, typically used for troubleshooting reasons.
  • Delete - permanently delete the Instagram account. You may reconnect it at any time. This does not remove the permissions you gave to Spotlight in the initial connection process.

Settings > Configuration

Import options

Set how often Spotlight should check for new posts from Instagram.


Spotlight imports all Instagram posts that can be displayed in your feed, even those hidden behind a "Load more" button. The posts furthest down the list may therefore rarely be seen. 

To improve your site’s performance, you can choose to delete these unseen posts after a set period of time. Once a site visitor requests those posts, they will be re-imported automatically and instantly.

You can set after how long to delete unseen posts and how often to run this optimization process.

Settings > Tools


Clear the plugin's cache. This option is only to be used if you are experiencing issues with the Spotlight plugin. Ideally, only use this option if you know what you're doing or if you've been instructed to do so by the Spotlight support team.

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