Call to undefined method Guzzle...

If you are experiencing an error with the below message or one similar to it that mentions "Guzzle"...

Call to undefined method GuzzleHttp\Utils::chooseHandler()

...then it will most likely be referencing another plugin further on in the error, aside from Spotlight.

In such cases, it's typically the combination of Spotlight with another 3rd-party plugin that causes a conflict to happen. These conflicts can, unfortunately, happen from time to time especially when plugins use the same technologies. In this case, it would be Guzzle, the system that Spotlight use to contact Instagram's servers.

Please try deactivating the 3rd-party plugin mentioned in the error to see whether it resolves the issue with Spotlight. We recommend doing this on a staging site to ensure that your live website is not impacted negatively when deactivating another plugin.

If the issue persists or you need further help, please contact support and share the full error you see on your website.

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