Activate your premium license

When you purchase Spotlight Essentials, PRO, or All Access, you are provided with a license key. This license unlocks premium features, updates, and access to premium support.

How to Activate Your License Key

Method 1

After installing and activating Spotlight's plugins, you will be asked to enter your license key, as seen below. The license key can be found in the original email from the purchase. If you can't find your license key, click on the "Can't find your license key?" link to have it sent to you by email again.

Once the license key is verified, the  Activate License button will be enabled. Click on it.
The license will be validated and activated and you'll be taken to the Feeds page with a notification confirming the license activation, as seen below.

Method 2

Alternatively, if the above doesn't work or isn't available, use the method below.

Go to your Plugins page in the Dashboard and find the Spotlight premium plugin.
Under "Spotlight - Social Media Feeds (Premium)", you will see an "Activate license" link. Click on it and enter your license key in the popup prompt.

What you're opting into

As part of activating your Spotlight license, you are agreeing to the following:

  1. Spotlight can view license essentials - your homepage URL, plugin version, and SDK version. This is done to let you manage and control where the license is activated, and ensure plugin security and feature updates are only delivered to websites you authorize.
  2. Spotlight can view the plugin's state - active, deactivated, or uninstalled. This is done so you can reuse the licenses when the plugin is no longer active.
  3. Optionally, Spotlight can view diagnostic information - WordPress and PHP versions, site language, and title.
  4. Optionally, Spotlight can view your plugins and themes list. This is done to ensure compatibility and avoid potential conflicts.

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