Activate your premium license

When you purchase Spotlight Essentials, PRO, or Performance, you are provided with a license. This license unlocks premium features, updates, and access to premium support.

Here is how to activate your license for Spotlight premium:

After installing and activating Spotlight's plugins, you will be asked to enter your license key, as seen below. The license key can be found in the original email from purchase. If you can't find your license key, click on the "Can't find your license key?" link to have it sent to you by email again.
Once the license key is verified, the Agree and Activate License button will be enabled. Click on it.
The license will be validated and activated and you'll be taken to the Feeds page with a notification confirming the license activation, as seen below.

What am I agreeing to?

The plugin will periodically send data to (Freemius is Spotlight's reseller) to check for security and feature updates and to verify the validity of your license. We also receive a few details about your site setup. These are collected to help us understand our users better and to make sure our plugins are always compatible with and optimized for as many setups as possible. You will be opting in to:

  • Provide us with your site URL, WP version, and PHP info.

  • Updates, announcements, and marketing notifications in your admin dashboard (no spam).

  • The current plugin's events (Spotlight), such as activation, deactivation, and installation.

  • (Optional) Details of your plugin list, including plugin title, slug, version, and whether it's active. 

The final one is optional, however, if you opt-in, it helps us mainly in two ways:

  • If you need support, we can instantly take a look at your plugins list to see if there are any known conflicts or potential new ones.
  • If we see a plugin being used often alongside Spotlight, we'll look into ways the two can be integrated to further improve your website.

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